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When I seek advice, or work with someone, I want to know who they are, what makes them tick, and that they speak and perform from their own experience. And because you might feel the same way, I decided to lay out some of what makes me tick, what I have experienced – so far.

I am like you, an energetic consciousness in a human form on an adventurous journey in the physical reality – I didn’t always know that.  I’ve been described as the guy who loves life and lives it to the fullest. I have experienced much - amazing highs, horrendous lows - more than most, and I embrace it all.

I am an artist, a produced and published writer and author, an award winning filmmaker, a musician, a sound healing practitioner, an entrepreneur having started nine companies, a radio DJ, an actor, activist, and a high school drop out. I am a speaker, a transformational teacher, and a vlogger. I am a mountain climber and mountaineering instructor, a licensed racing driver, scuba diver, skydiver, underwater archaeologist, a skipper, a multi-engine rated pilot, and I'm skilled in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and masonry.

I have travelled, lived or worked in sixty+ countries, which opened my heart and mind in ways I could never fully express. I practice Native American traditions and have participated in hundreds of Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, and have completed four Vision Quests. I meditate, walk a deeply personal spiritual path, have moments of enlightenment, hold all beings up as equal, and choose principles and actions that benefit everyone and all of nature. I live and accept life’s practical and mystical duality, and I trust my instincts and intuitions when reading and guiding myself and others. I have self-healed, which baffled an army of doctors, and I am an empath, which baffled me until I finally understood it.


I embrace everything that happens to me as my own doing, like being robbed in India, losing my business and home in Cape Town, falling from a five-story building as a child, being arrested twenty times in my teens, taking on the US Air Force and winning, and surviving alcoholic parents, a dysfunctional family, and abuse, all growing up in Los Angeles. I have wronged others, and have made amends. I have forgiven when forgiveness was unexpected. I am a leader, and know when to follow. I live in the moment.


I’ve been a husband, a father, an uncle, a brother, a mentor, and a trusted friend. I have succeeded and failed spectacularly, loved and hated, laughed and cried, been arrogant and humbled. For all of these, and so much more, I am grateful.


There is no other option.

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