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All scripts written by Chris Roland and are available for option.

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Action Thriller   |   Low-Medium Budget  |   Feature Film

Taut action thriller with four cast and one expansive desert location


Dark Dramedy   |   Medium Budget   |   Feature Film

Five friends fight their way out of their lower middle class L.A. roots.


Thriller   |   Medium Budget   |   Feature Film

Seven wealthy elite responsible for the economic meltdown are held hostage.


Music Inspiration Drama   |   Low to Medium Budget   |   Feature Film

New twist on the hip hop genre where dreams and outcomes can be changed.


Adventure SciFi Drama   |   Large Budget   |   Feature Film

A team of underwater archaeologists discover a secret left by the ancients that will change the world.


Action Crime   |   Large Budget   |   International Series

A international police unit is formed to combat international crime syndicates.


Action Mystery Comedy   |   Large Budget   |   Feature Film

An aberration threatens life throughout the galaxy and Busby Blades is assigned the case.


Thriller   |   Low Budget   |   Feature Film

A new Security Services recruit is pulled into a deadly political game that threatens his family.


Family Adventure Drama   |   Medium Budget   |   Series

American teen Toby moves to Africa to be with the father he never knew he had.


Action Comedy   |   Low Budget   |   Feature Film

When Jabulani's real reason for being in Cape Town is exposed, he has to set things right.


Aspirational   |   Medium Budget   |   Talk Show

Fresh daily talk show for African woman around the world.

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