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Avishka R
Hi Chris, thank you for the sound bath, it was singularly the most tangible experience of healing that I have ever encountered. It seemed like every cell in my body responded positively to the sounds and it was absolutely incredible. I had a wonderful energy boost afterwards yet also had a great night's sleep. I would love to attend another sound bath and also a private session to work specifically on my healing journey.

A few days after the sound bath I woke up crying, dealing with some deep rooted inner child trauma.


The trauma I had experienced as a child has come up a little bit in the past in small detail, but after the sound bath it came out in more depth. It was sexual trauma. I had blocked most of the details, and this time I was more open with sharing it all with my husband. 

Hi Chris, Yesterday evening I had the best sleep that I’ve had in the last few months.


Going through some big life transitions at the moment and I usually wake up full of anxiety and being restless in the middle of the night. Last night was the first full night's sleep I’ve had in ages.

Ruben & Wieske 
We both shifted. Thank you Chris


Nina N
Before the Sound Bath
I have spent the morning in bed with the most awful migraine and I’m not going to make it tonight.

After deciding to come to the Sound Bath


I was so happy to attend last night and I am feeling so much better today! I tried humming this morning. It was fun.

Louise W
Thank you for a lovely session. They really are quite extraordinary.


I can’t wait for the day that this sort of therapy becomes totally accepted in the mainstream! 

Nadine P
Thank you Chris for an amazing sound bath last night - it was incredible !


Eleni N
Morning Chris, just wanted to say thank you again. The bath felt like a ceremony for me. With your singing and the instruments. It was beautiful, thank you.

Christel B
Hi Chris, my daughter, Sofie, Darren and I want to thank you for an amazing experience with you. Thank you for another blessing to have another Sound Bath.


Ali C
Thank you Chris for the wonderful soundbath. I felt quite emotional afterwards. So will look forward to the next one.

Christelle D
Hi Chris, thank you again for an amazing SB last night. I am finding them incredibly powerful. I have noticed that my inner ears feel very sensitive,  is that normal?


Chandré D
Thank you for last night, it was absolutely incredible. I found myself going in and out of past lives. There was a tinkerbell sound. I never thought of myself as sound, but I thought, hey, that’s me, it put such a smile on my heart.

Lance V
Hey Chris, we deeply appreciate what you do. Looking forward to the journey.  :-)


Paul S
Hi Chris, I really enjoyed and appreciated your gong mastery and all your sounds and energy this eve. I definitely transported to other realms and I know that the sounds and vibrations triggered things in me.

Stephanie S
Thank you for last night. It was wonderful. 

Gerry Garcia
Thank you for this evening Chris. I just wanted to ask you if past trauma could cause some of the sounds to be uncomfortably loud and reverberate right through you?

Danelize P
Thanks for an amazing morning, best gift I’ve ever received. 


So appreciate it.

Dear Chris, thanks so much for the beautiful experience yesterday! I arrived with a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and it seems to be sooo much better now, so the sound and vibrations might have loosened things up.

Liz A
Hi Chris, thank you for the gift of sound, in all its forms, tonight. 


Sabrina M
You gave me one of the most wonderful experiences I could ever ask for and for that I am truly grateful.


I did a Q&A on my social media about your sound bath and got an awesome amount of responses. Now that I have the hashtag I will promote it again! 

Lisa B
A quick cold water dip just sealed this morning’s journey. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Caley L
Thank you again for such a wonderful and profound experience. It was a very safe, loving and special space to be in, my broken heart felt a deep healing as did my broken mind! 

Alex O
Thanks so much Chris, it was so amazing at the last bath, because I could just hear and feel your travels in your sounds and music. It's so great to experience your learning experiences from your travels. It made me feel as if I were out there with the indigenous people myself. I loved that.

Chris G
I was the last one to 'wake/stir', had not expected a skeptical-me to be so deeply touched by the experience, was borderline good groggy, if that makes sense. My Wife actually drove me home, and am still trying to make sense of it 48 hours later - a real, moving experience. Loved it all, the quietness of the subtle rattling 'leaves', the pleasant 'shock' of the chanting, the crashing cymbal-like noise, and then the stillness. It was profound. Thank you.

Last Week was amazing, thank you so much for that experience and your heart and soul you put in there.

Chris. We have heard so much about how wonderful these experiences are.


Jean G
Hi Chris!
Thank you for the soundbath last week. It was great.

Misty I
Thank you so much. I had to put my 15 year old kitty down and I had been so traumatized for 48 hours, I think I spent most of the time in tears. Without doubt it helped me with the process.


Pls let me know where I can find more info about you and your work. Much love and gratitude.

Good Morning Chris. Thank you very very much for The Most Beautiful Gift you have given me. I can't express how I feel. I didn't even want to speak to you last night , I didn't want to spoil it. I was Very Happy.


Thank you for giving SO much of yourself. This Amazing energy is still with me and I want it to stay as long as possible.

Michaela G
Thank you Chris! That was beautiful. I was sound tripping about aaaall sorts of things including what felt like a previous life as a young Indian warrior. Got shot on my horse and galloped straight into the light. I’ll def be back.

Hi Chris, I found your Soundbath to be absolutely phenomenal, thank you. Words fail me! I particularly LOVED your Gong work and your chanting..very, very powerful. So happy for you that you've found your Place. Very encouraging !! Bravo, Chris!

Janine B
I came and loved it so much. Thank you


Cathy B
Thank you for the sound healing on Thursday - I felt calm on Friday; slept huge amounts over the weekend and then actually managed to tackle some things regarding my late husband - definite shifts - thank you

Dear Chris
Thank you for last night. I really enjoyed the experience. It was so cool.

Nicole W
Hello Chris, thank you  for the sound  bath yesterday. It was my first time doing this - interesting  how the body completely disappears along with its density. I would love to join again.


Nicole W
Hallo Chris. Thank you for last night’s sound bath. Each time is different - amazing. Love, Nicole


Chris, thank you SO much for today, it was wonderful!! I'm excited to start my sound healing journey. I feel good after the bath, a little tired but good, so please do your self care and transmute anything you may have picked up here ok!

Claudia B
I thank you for a fabulous experience and look forward to the next one. 


Thank you for your detailed and in depth insight. I am truly grateful for your healing and support. Yip, you are of course, on point, regarding the Sacral area. I sure have been spending time in the water so I am sure this will continue to be a great continued benefit. 

Liza N
Thank you for the sound bath experience last night. Isabella didn't realize she fell asleep, she says her brain felt awake the whole time. I would definitely like to join you again, as would my eldest daughter. Sound bath family affair.


Alex A
Thank you Chris, that's awesome.


Debi M
Dear Chris, thank you for a truly incredible experience and for sharing your amazing gift. I’ll be back.

Deb Z
Thank you for last night Chris - it was glorious! My physical experience of the Bath was quite something … and magnificently emotionally layered and profound dreams ensued :)

Tammy A
Good morning Chris, thank you for the amazing session last night. The girls say the sky was so beautiful to look at. The one said she felt like she was part of a movie. 

From myself, I have been so in need of the Sound treatment. Things has shifted in my life, and this morning I feel my smile is back from within, and is 100%.

Liza K
Hi Chris - I would like to thank you for sharing all the sound with us over the last 2 months and for helping us to remember our practice of being in the moment and living in gratitude. Can never get enough of those reminders! I think the positive effects will be ongoing for most of us.

Paula N
Thank you for caring Chris.


Tania B
Thank you for another beautiful restorative experience tonight. I slept deeply in parts despite the loud gong! Thanks for drumming right over my sore shoulder too. Felt magic. Loved your singing and chanting tonight. Resonating with joy.

Jayani L
Thank you for your beautiful medicine

Audrey P
Chris, good morning! I think my head felt like it may explode at times. Right at the start of the session, you pressed something on the crown of my head and said the word "love". This REALLY resonated with me. One of my intentions was about love. I lost my mom 3 weeks ago, it's been a hell of a year, and a particularly emotional month. I'm glad I was there last night. Thank you!

Charise M
Morning Chris, just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful, extraordinary soundbath experience. I feel so revitalized! 


Susan G
Hi Chris, thank you for an amazing evening. Looking forward to do more with you in the future.

Vanessa N
Hi Chris. I just wanted to thank you for a very beautiful and special experience last night. It was absolutely stunning and I absolutely loved all of it.


Alexandra S
Three years ago or so I did a sound bath with you and loved it.


Hellen H
Morning Chris , thank you for last night's session! Words can’t describe the experience, feel cleaned, detoxed and Re energized. My teenager had anger issues last night and today after the bath she is an angel. Thank you again.


Thank you, it was very powerful.


Britke W
Hi Chris, I wanted to express sincere gratitude for the experience and gift last night. For the first time in a very long time, I felt ok to just be present and with myself. Thank you. What is coming up for me today is that my husband and actually kids too would benefit greatly from this experience. We are all living in a perpetual state of stress and trauma.

Paul G
The sound bath was something I have not encountered before, truly out of this world. I had quite a bad tension in my neck that had been getting worse, and after the sound bath it had almost completely disappeared. It was interesting to have an actual physical reference to compare it to. 
The whole journey you took us on was spot on, not just amazing sounds but also the journey, very powerful stuff. Thank you

Janine B
The sound baths will be a permanent evening in my diary.  I have sunk into the practice with deep gratitude to Chris Roland for his amazing instruments and voice. I ended this year's last sound bath with the deepest experience of connection to self.  It could not have come at a better time!  Grateful to this experience in my life.

Lisa N
The lasting effects of the sound bath are evidenced through my ability to do really intense balancing poses in my yoga practices. This is profound stuff! Don’t really have an emotion to stretch to it though.. just profound.

Ammon R
Fantastic, an amazing and healing experience to take part in.


Candida A
Hi Chris, the SB resonated profoundly and my thinking mind went blissfully silent! Loved it. 


Also, since my kidney stone removal I have had a sharp pain under my left scapula (doc said something related to the position during the procedure!). With the SB the pain vanished and full mobility was restored. In gratitude.

Thank you sooo very much... the brightness lasted through the evening but this morning feeling like having been hit with a hammer ... drinking lots of water :)


Shelley G
Thank you for another incredible session.  I've woken up feeling recharged and no anxiety. Feeling blessed and grateful. Those sound vibrations really do it for me.

Thank you so much for giving me my breath after chemo yesterday. I was moved by the wooden drum / bowl sound and feel that it helps me.


I am also eternally grateful to you for taking extra time to work on my daughter. It takes so much for her to feel relaxed and trust someone as she clearly did with you in order for her to open up to you and be vulnerable.

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