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Your beautiful words bring so much comfort and peace, Chris. 
Thank you for holding me  as I journey through this chapter. It's certainly one of the more profound and complex spaces... a somewhat other worldly experience. Today was a big unraveling... when you shared what came up for you at the end of the session... everything came together. "You are deserving"... and then it made sense that you were intuitively asking about background, mother, family, guilt at the beginning. I made the connection finally. Your intuition is beyond sharp.

And that combined with your wisdom, compassion and safety is so deeply appreciated 

Chris is able to guide you to unwinding the tangled thoughts and doing the healing yourself and just being, which we tend to forget almost all the time.

Chris, I am so thankful for you in my life.


Thank you from my entire heart for guiding me to transform my life. Beyond grateful for you!


Hey Chris, thank you so much for today. Very grateful.


Chris, thank you for speaking with my friend. After you spoke a few times, she called me and said, “Where did you find this guy? He’s amazing” Thank you for all your insights and wisdom.


Thank you so much for taking your time with the session. I’ve been dealing with these feelings alone. I appreciated talking with you.

I am thriving, enjoying my work and my life. Thank you.

Chris I just have to tell you, that you have really changed my life… setting my foundations just makes me feel so safe & grateful, it actually doesn’t even matter how much money I make, and for me that feels like true abundance. All I want to do is share everything I can with everyone around me and do what I can to help. I’m so grateful to you. Thank you

Thank you Chris. What you said makes complete sense and gives me perspective. It’s just foreign to me as I’m usually the one helping and fixing everything.

Since we last spoke, my journey has been much clearer for me. I’ve learned so much and have gained more new wisdom and knowledge. I’ve shed the bad habits. I’m more open, kind, loving, and patient. I’m living a much happier, healthier and peaceful life. I’ve gotten back to myself and it feels really good. Thank you


I am very grateful to have been introduced to Chris. He came into my life just when I was seeking guidance, changes, pragmatic tools and a deeper understanding of self. I was also looking to better certain relationships in my life and Chris taught me how everything has to do with the relationships we have with ourselves. Chris has a very intuitive way of working, and often we could dive really deep into what seemed as “problems” but were actual blessings, that took me off in the right path.

What I admire about him is also that he never complained about our sessions going over time, which happened very often, but patiently listened and offered me his words of wisdom, a rare quality I am very grateful for. I definitely recommend him if you are looking for someone to talk to, to contribute to you and push in the right direction of change.

Chris not only helped me through my difficult divorce, he also helped me to see what I had not been able to see in my work and relationships, what I’m passionate about.


Thanks Chris, the session today was amazing.


I seem to be in a happy place and at peace with myself. I have been thinking about our discussion since we spoke. Thank you so much


Thank you, Chris. It was a joy to speak with you. Thank you for the guidance. I spoke to a friend who wants to get in touch with you as well.


Thank you for our talk, which really resonated with me. It’s gotten me to think about a few areas that you touched on. I’m in a weird, soft and open space, and it’s all good.



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