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Welcome to a journey of transformation. Whether you're seeking to improve your emotional well-being, navigate the challenges of personal and professional daily life, or elevate your consciousness, Chris is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Everything and everyone vibrates. Vibration is sound, and sound is creation itself. Sound Therapy rebalances natural resonance that facilitates well being, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes healing. Chris' sound offerings are transformational.

Here’s a question I hear all the time, “Why should I change?” It’s not a question of whether or not change is needed, change is inevitable, and we each have a choice to go with the changing flow, or remain static.

I once asked a mentor why I have done and experienced so much in life. “So you’ll know your audience,” was her response. It would take me twelve years resisting wearing those shoes before I fully embraced what she intuited, and I feared – I was meant to support and inspire others.

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