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Chris Roland Sound Healer


When we experience challenges physically, emotionally, or spiritually, we are out of balance with natural resonance, the frequency at which everything vibrates harmoniously. Using specific instruments and techniques, Sound Therapy restores balance and natural resonance through group or one on one Sound Baths or Sound Healing Sessions, quickly immersing you into a theta state where healing, rejuvenation, and transformation is possible.


Sound Healing, through the use of vibrations and frequencies, assists in the release of neurochemicals and neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, endorphins and nitric oxide. These processes help the body and mind relax into theta or even delta, which lowers cortisol levels attributed to anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue and the 'fight or flight' responses that block wellbeing. All of these are attributed to physical and psychological illness if allowed to proliferate in one's life.

Vibrations and frequencies can also serve to clear an area of potentially harmful EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) that regularly bombard our environment. Like the concentric circles in water are disrupted by new circles, so to do frequencies produced by sound from musical instruments and other sources disrupt EMFs. While sound produced by a Sound Bath or Sound Healing Sessions will not eliminate EMFs, their affects will be altered.

Sound Baths and Sound Healing by qualified practitioners are gently powerful and completely safe.


Sound Baths have the following positive effects:

• Improves sleep

• Helps heal the body

• Calms body and mind

• Helps with depression

• Elevates feelings of well-being

• Access to higher consciousness
• Boosts mood and eliminates anger
• Eliminates stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue



Chris holds a Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing from the UK, has studied under Master Shree at the Kathmandu Center of Healing in Nepal, overtone singing and vocal toning with Nestor Kornblum of Harmonic Sounds, Spain, regularly attends Sound Healing Summits and advanced courses with varied masters, and is a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT).


Chris facilitates Individual and Couples Sound Healing Sessions, public and private group Sound Baths, Team Building With Sound for companies and organizations, and a variety of retreats and wellness centers around the Cape.


His sound work is "Transformational".

My relationship with sound is more meaningful and enlightening to me than nearly everything else in life. It opened the door to stepping beyond the limited physical reality illusion. I say beyond, but really it was a step back into origin. As such I appreciate the physical reality illusion more. 


Until I started this journey I had always been connected to music in a way I thought everyone was. It moved me in inexplicable ways. As I entered sound healing I understood that deep connection to music for the first time, vibration and frequency are existence itself. It sometimes pains my heart that I didn’t fully start this journey in sound and music early on, but I also know the timing is perfect.


I have been blessed to awaken to and participate in this ancient practice that is rapidly becoming the path to wellbeing for millions. The future will see sound (vibrations and frequencies) applied across many fields. It will be a profound part in the lives of the next generation.

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