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Chris is all about perpetuating that which brings out the best in each of us as a path to bettering individual lives, our circles, communities, and the world. Chris takes the approach that to change what is outside, one must first change what is inside - whether an individual, company, or oganization.



Chris' personal story is filled with wild and wonderful experiences from birth to the present. This translates into real life insights for the benefit of others. In the same way his own mentor teaches, Chris teaches and shares only from what he has personally experienced. 


Chris has launched and managed nine companies in the US and South Africa in personal development, entertianment, construction, publishing, and real estate development that have succeeded and failed. Chris has managed thousands of employees, including micro-managing up to 300 staff and artisans on multiple individual projects. He is acutely in tune with the behavioral patterns of personnel.




Chris is the founder and managing director of nine companies and has developed and managed dozens of projects throughout his career, starting with his first when he was just nineteen years old (not counting the lemonade stand, tossing newspapers, and mowing lawns). Chris has succeeded and failed spectacularly. It was his failures where he experienced the greatest success as these provided the knowledge, wisdom, and confidence to succeed personally, professionally, and spiritually at the things he loves.


Chris has shifted from an entrepreneur to an innerpreneur moving away from business endeavors exclusively focused on monetary and material gain towards businesses that better the lives of others and protect the planet from further harm. Chris' portfolio includes film & TV content development & distribution, consulting, publishing, personal development, and real estate. He is currently developing the ENERCHI Sound Healing Center in Cape Town, which includes a Sound Journey Pyramid that holds up to 100 people.

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