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Change is inevitable, how you traverse changes determines your future. Chris Roland both inspires and guides you through the changes needed to better your life.

Our personal lives are a reflection of who we are at the core - our internal relationship with creation - and how we evolve is entirely up to us. You’ve probably heard that the only thing we have control over is ourselves – well, that’s not entirely accurate - what we reflect molds our surroundings, we literally create our own universe, including ourselves within it. It’s part physics, part psychology, and part consciousness.


Everything is vibrating energy; protons, neutrons, and electrons swirling around to make up an atom, the main ingredient of physical reality, including our thoughts, which forms our psychology. It’s everything we see, think, and feel. But there’s something else that makes up an atom - nothing. In between all this swirling activity there is empty space, which begs the question – “If atoms aren’t solid, how is everything held together?” The answer is consciousness, or rather, our observation of energy.

There’s a mind-boggling physics experiment called the Double Slit. The experiment revealed that light is both a wave and a particle – in other words it’s both physical and non-physical at the same time! How’s that possible? Well, it turns out that when a light wave is unobserved it remains a light wave, but when it is observed, it becomes a particle.​​

Think of a light wave as your thoughts, or psychology, and particles as your reality. Prior to being observed, the particle, your reality, is merely a probability, meaning it doesn’t actually exist until it is observed. This suggests that we, as a constant active observer, albeit at a subconscious level, influence the environment in which we reside, giving it solidity, shape, form, and meaning where there is nothingness. We’re not just powerless human beings helplessly taking everything thrown at us.


Our psychology, the thoughts that occupy our lives, observe and influence energy, creating everything in our universe, including our belief systems. If we believe our lives are this or that, we train our neurons to fire in a particular way and we become it. We are truly the masters of our universe, the creators of all our circumstances, dancing with the great vibrating mystery.


If we want our universe to change, we have to change our belief systems, our life-long programming, the inner self and outer images that observe and influence energy, frequencies, and wave patterns. This is the secret to inspired living. Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds of modern times, said this.


“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


And so we must retrain and redirect our neurons and adopt a new and healthier psychological narrative, one in which the energy observed resonates at a frequency and vibration that helps us evolve out of the low frequency of darkness into the higher frequency of light and balanced natural resonance.



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