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I live in the duality of wanting quiet and needing to be creatively loud.


As a director I am a storyteller. I employ tone, style, and pace that supports the narrative. My tastes are intentional, from emotional drama and dramedy to social thrillers and action that entertain and inspire. My dedication is to the creative vision and providing an experience for the audience.

Asst Director

As an assistant director my focus and priority is supporting the director’s vision, while always keeping an eye on the clock – both are doable.  I am highly organized, supported by crew, think on my feet, and adapt effortlessly to international destinations. Above all, I maintain a calm and cohesive set.


WOMEN IN WILDLIFE   |   Director/Writer   |   Evidencia   |   DocuSeries   |   In Post Production

HEARTS A LOCKDOWN TALE   |   Director/writer  |   Short Film  |  YouTube

SANTANA   |   Director/Writer   |   Netflix / ZenHQ Films   |   Feature Film   |   #1 Worldwide

CLIFTON SHORES   |   Director/Showrunner/Writer   |   Clive Morris Productions  |   Reality Series

AWARENESS NETWORK   |   Director/Writer   |   ANS/Awake Media  |   Promo

KPMG   |   Director/SA Unit   |   New Moon  |   Global Campaign Promo

OUR HOUSE  |   Director/Showrunner/Writer   |   ZenHQ Films / Binary Filmworks  |   Reality Series

CHARLIE JADE   |   Director/Splinter Unit/Showrunner/Writer   |   Imaginarium  |   SciFi Series

CAPE EXTREME   |   Director   |   C Films  |   Virtual Reality Ride Film

THE BONESNATCHER   |   Director/2nd Unit   |   Imaginarium  |   Feature Film

SUZUKI   |   Director/Splinter Unit   |   Ransom  |   Commercial

HELP WANTED   |   Director   |   Family Channel  |   Sitcom Pilot

SID SHANTI   |   Director/Camera   |   Independent  |   Music Video

ULUBURUN WRECK   |   Co-Director/Camera   |   Nat Geo  |   Documentary

INSTITUTE OF NAUTICAL ARCHAEOLOGY   |   Director/Camera   |   INA  |   Promo

SPORTSTYLES   |   Co-Director   |   Fries Entertainment  |   Unscripted Series

PET PEEVES   |   Director   |   CBN  |   Short Film

MOM I'M PREGNANT   |   Director   |   CBN  |   Short Film

VARIOUS   |   Field Director   |   CBN  |   Magazine Format Videos


HOW I GOT THERE   |   1st AD   |   March Media  |   Feature Film

TWISTED BLUES   |   1st AD   |   Muddville  |   Feature Film

BORDERING ON BAD BEHAVIOR   |   1st AD   |   Muddville  |   Feature Film

THE WINDMILL   |   1st AD   |   ZenHQ Films  |   Feature Film

SUZUKI   |   1st AD/2nd Unit   |   Ransom  |   Commercial

Countries Shot In


South Africa





United Arab Emirates


Producer, Showrunner, Writer 21 film & TV productions and 60+ commercials and videos

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